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A New York VC Spotlight: Mark Patricof

by Stephanie Santana | shared from Alley Watch

With a start as an editorial assistant at Premiere magazine, Mark Patricof has carried his media background into his current role as partner at MESA+.  The firm focuses on consumer Internet, content, advertising/marketing and e-commerce companies in New York.  He also carries with him a venture capitalist legacy — his father is Alan Patricof, often noted as a “founding father” of venture capital.

In a 2012 statement to BetaBeat about launching the fund for the new branch of MESA Ventures, Patricof said there was great crossover appeal between tech, media and entertainment: “These industries have increasingly become intertwined; the complex relationship between these industries has made it difficult for many entrepreneurs to build their businesses.”  According to AngelList, Patricoff invests in about 12-24 startups at $100-$250,000 a year.  Partners of MESA+ include Condé Nast, Saban Capital and Sony Music.

Patricof worked at the Creative Artists Agency for 5 years before becoming the head of business development at the Voyager Company, a multimedia publishing group.  His last position prior to MESA was as president of Studio Red, a joint venture from the Rockwell Group and the Coca-Cola Company. MESA aided in securing a $10 million investment from the Coca-Cola Company for the Rockwell Group.

Patricof was a 1999 Clio Award winner, which honors the best in advertising, design and communications. In 2001, he served as a judge for the awards and was also a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

He received a B.A. from Emory University.

VC Firm:

  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner at MESA Global (Founded in 2003)
  • Managing Partner at MESA+ (Founded in 2012)

Sector Focus:

Digital Media, Brand Marketing, E-Commerce, Mobile Advertising.

Selected Investments:

  • BetterDoctor
  • FitStar
  • Tuition.io
  • Consumr


Beauty.com sold to Drugstore.com for $42 million


  • The Rockwell Group
  • New York Cruise Lines
  • NEP Broadcasting
  • Chairman for the Board of New Heights

Expertise Areas:

Venture Capital, Investment Banking, Growth Capital, Angel Investing, Private Equity, E-Commerce, Startups, Entrepreneurship.

Blogs, Twitter & Websites:

Company Website

Memorable Quotes:

On the launch of MESA+ in an interview with Venture Beat:  “We would never go out and raise a traditional fund that competes with sponsors of our core clients.”

On expanding its growing entertainment operations back in 2011:  “We’re very focused on Hollywood business services as a category.  I think it’s an innovative, very unique opportunity to differentiate ourselves from what a traditional investment bank might do.”

On the trend to invest in:  “Anyone with money wants to invest in the Internet.  I could pick up my phone — honestly, this is true — and in 30 minutes, finance a company.”

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