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  • rubbish

    Choose The Hard Rubbish Removal Services in Your Town?

    Negosentro.com | Solid waste management is an integral part of the urban life as a lot of trash is generated from the offices and homes. It is important to find the hard rubbish removal services to accomplish the task in an impeccable manner. Different companies provide facilities to the people however only a few of …
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  • employees

    Top Ways to Reach Out to Large Numbers of Employees

    Negosentro.com | One of the main tasks of human resources managers and professionals is making sure that the employees in your care are satisfied in their roles. Employee satisfaction is absolutely vital to businesses of all sizes, however, HR professionals working for large companies might find it a little trickier to determine exactly how happy …
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  • Tips-to-Changing-Careers-While-You-Still-Can, shifting-careers, tips-in-career-change

    Tips to Changing Careers While You Still Can

    Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com Changing your career is a deeper trance than just looking for another company. This is considered a life decision, to be successful with this, here are tips to changing careers while you still can. 1. Ask yourself “Why?” Why do you want to change careers? Get a pen and paper and …
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  • How-To-Earn-Extra-Money-During-the-Holidays, earning-a-little-extra-during-Holidays, earning-money-during-Christmas-season

    How To Earn Extra Money During the Holidays

    Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com Thinking on where to get money for a short holiday trip? Or gift-giving to your loved ones? Here are a few ways on how to earn extra money during the Holidays. 1. Offer gift wrapping services You’ve probably learned how to do gift wrapping in art classes when you were …
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  • Why-Avoiding-Nega-People-is-Simply-Satisfying,avoiding-negativity, tips-to-handling-negative-people

    Why Avoiding “Nega” People is Simply Satisfying

    Mary Rae Floresca | Negoentro.com Did you ever have people around you can’t stop blabbing about their woes in life? It’s okay to be sympathetic but how long can you endure? Here’s why avoiding ‘negative’ people is simply satisfying. 1. Negativity is distracting And contagious! Did you ever read a heavy drama book or dramatic …
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  • How-To-Show-Up-Everyday, showing-up-every-single-day, tips-to-making-it-to-show-up-every-day-at-work, motivational-tips

    How To “Show Up” Everyday

    Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com Before the Holidays, we tend to start sulking about work and we forget the things to be done just because vacation is around the corner. Here are ways to remind us how important it is to ‘show up’ everyday. 1. Remind yourself WHY you work Consider this as the most important …
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Lessons from the Mavericks

  • sync_sessions

    Pinoy indies to play on free workshops of Power Mac Center Sync Sessions 2016

    Negosentro.com | Power Mac Center sets the stage for the return of its extraordinary musical fete Sync Sessions, with the introduction of Masterclass sessions by OPM legends and technical trainings on music production apps. Completing the experience are in-store live performances from homegrown independent acts.   Sync Sessions is an audio experience that showcases the …
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  • seo123

    The Best Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using

    Negosentro.com | Businesses are always looking for ways to minimize costs, so anything with the word “free” attached to it is worth checking into. SEO is no exception to this rule. While there are many great seo tools out there, most of them cost quite a lot of your precious money. If you’re a beginner …
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Video Pick


Youtube videographer Evan Carmichael profiles Beyonce. She’s an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She performed in various singing and dancing competitions as a child, and rose to fame in the late 1990s as lead singer of R&B girl-group

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  • rubbish

    Choose The Hard Rubbish Removal Services in Your Town?

    Negosentro.com | Solid waste management is an integral part of the urban life as a lot of trash is generated from the offices and homes. It is important to find the hard rubbish removal services to accomplish the task in an impeccable manner. Different companies provide facilities to the people however only a few of …
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  • AFFI, AFFI-Business-and-franchise-expo, business-expo, franchise-expo

    Franchise & Business Expo 2016: Entrepreneurship Towards Nation-building

    Nadj Villaver | Negosentro.com Our goal is to promote entrepreneurship in the country. We believe that if there’s more entrepreneurs in the country, aasenso ang Pilipinas.-Jerry Ilao, Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc (AFFI) President On its 15th year, Franchise and Business Expo is set to get business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs ready for the paradigm shift …
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Business Travel & Leisure

  • modern-window-shutter

    5 Reasons Why You Need Window Shutters

    Negosentro.com | A window shutter is all about providing your home with some decorative value, protection and enhancing the overall look. Usually these shutters are made of sturdier material, which unlike blinds are more durable and solid. You can get these in a variety of designs that range from rolling shutters to slanting shutters or …
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  • watches

    How to pick the most fashionable Business Watches

    Negosentro.com | Men are limited when it comes to accessories to wear. Various accessories are available for men like chains and bangles. However, it is impossible to wear such accessories with official outfits. The watch is the only accessory that can be worn with official apparels. That makes it necessary to invest in a good …
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Money | Success

  • pera_pera

    5 Steps Toward Improving Your Business’ Image

    Negosentro.com | The way the public see your business is often the only factor considered when deciding whether or not to use your service or buy your product. In this day and age, any old person can write reviews and there are so many options for advertising, but it’s likely to  just come down to …
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  • financial_inclusion

    What Financial Inclusion 2.0 is all about

    by Sudhir Ahluwalia | Negosentro.com | Large numbers of people mainly from Asia, Latin America and Africa have been coming to Europe, the Middle East oil rich countries and North America in search for work and a better life. These people make up a large section of blue collared workforce of these countries. They take up jobs that …
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  • loans

    Important Things You Must Know About Payday Loans

    Negosentro.com | When you need a short term loan, the payday loan is the right choice for you. it is one of the short term loan offers everywhere these days.  If you are thinking to buy payday loans, you want to know more about the payday loans.  Before take out any payday loans it is …
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Retailing Tips & Trends

  • container-fumigation-1

    Need for Good Fumigation Services for the Containers

    Negosentro.com | Fumigation is the process where the fumigant which is a chemical is released inside the space which can kill the pests. Fumigants are in gaseous state and are released at a particular temperature and pressure. These are highly lethal for pests that destroys goods and spread diseases. Ships and aircrafts that carry goods …
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  • smartphones

    Can Mobile Marketing’s Versatility Extend to a B2B Climate?

    Negosentro.com | In the digital world, versatility is everything. The smartphone has come a long way, and it’s evolved to bring us promotional offers, emergency alerts, notifications and even appointment reminders via SMS messages. Mobile integration isn’t only useful to B2C gurus, either. Today, mobile marketing’s dynamic, ever-changing design fits the mold of most B2B …
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