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50 Ways to Recruit People Into Your Network Marketing Business


by Anna Laura Brown | Upmarket

Network Marketing Recruiting? How do you do it successfully? If you have a network marketing business, you must be well aware that recruiting is important to make the big money as well as to sustain your business long term. How then do you recruit people? 


Network Marketing recruiting can be a challenge and everyone needs some new ideas from time to time. There are tons of methods and you need to find the ones that work best for you. Here I will share with you 50 ways that I think work the best. Whether you need to pay off credit or just make more money these ideas should help you.

1- Attend networking meetings such as BNI / BOM and your local chamber of commerce.

2- Blogging– you can get quite a few leads from your blog if you do it right.

3- Social Networking– Pick two or three sites and work them intensively and network not spam the people there.

4- Squidoo– no seriously, making high quality squidoo lenses can generate quite a few network marketing leads.

5- Free Reports– Give away some kind of a free report Offer useful information in it and others will naturally be interested in your network marketing business.

6- Newsletters Start publishing a monthly newsletter, build relationships with your subscribers and some of them will over time express an interest in your business.

7- Ecourses– I get a lot of leads from these. You can choose a business related topic or a non-business related topic. Host it on either a website or a blog and offer valuable content and people will subscribe to their heart’s content.

8- Business Cards- use these to your full advantage by giving them to anyone you can and by leaving them anywhere you can.

9- Videos– Videos are hot right now and I find that many of my best leads come from my videos.

10- Podcasting– Podcasting is also a newer method and it works great as well.

11- Customers/users of your products– These people can be some of the best recruits because they already believe in what you are selling.

12- Home Parties– host a home party and do a good job explaining to people how they can do it too and earn an income.

13- Referrals– Don’t forget to ask people who else they know who may be interested.

14- Writing Articles– you can submit these in many places online, they establish your credibility and brand you as an expert.

15- Online Parties– Hosting an Online Party can be fun, profitable with retail sales and you never know who might like to do it too.

16- Newspaper ads- If you do these effectively you can get some good network marketing recruits from these as well.

17- Fundraisers– Doing a fundraiser for a group can not only get your sales but possibly new recruits as well.

18- Shows– Do a booth at a show and you will probably get a recruit or two as long as you make sure to tell people about the opportunity.

19- Attraction Marketing. Mike Dillard is the expert teacher of this. Put this into practice and you will dramatically increase the number of leads you get.

20- Purchase leads — I personally have never had great success with this method but some people do. If you do buy them I recommend company specific ones from the linked source here. They work the best.

21- Voice mail drops– this is when you call businesses after hours and leave voice mail messages.

22- Magnets on your car– get some attractive ones made with your website and people will call you or visit your site.

23- Teleseminars– host informational telephone calls about your business or invite guests to ones already hosted by your company.

24- Message boards– There are thousands of these online and many of their visitors are looking for an opportunity.

25- Fish bowl drawings– put one of these in one or more businesses and give away and prize and then contact all the people who enter.

26- Yard sales– ask people having yard sales to hand out a few business cards or flyers or hand these out at your own yard sale.

27- Job fairs– wonder around these with a catchy logo on your t-shirt and see who asks you about your network marketing business.

28- Joint ventures– either do a joint party with multiple network marketing reps from different companies or some other kind of group activity.

29- Wearing buttons– put catchy sentences such as I am looking for 3 people on them.

30- Flyers– pass them out to large numbers of people.

31- Presentations– do these one on one or with large groups.

32- Passing out CDS– put your opportunity on them and pass them out to people in large numbers.

33- Free samples– give these out to people but be careful and have some method of screening rather than just giving them to everyone.

34- Targeting professionals– figure out which ones would most liking be interested in your particular network marketing business and contact them.

35- Association meetings– attend these and network with the people there.

36- Talking with everyone.

37- Giving products as gifts. You never know who will also be interested in your business.

38- Developing an elevator speech. Know what you will say when others ask about your business or what you do.

39- Collecting other business cards– collect them and then do a quick call to offer them your opportunity.

40- Having a contest- this can encourage people to contact you and give you their info who would not otherwise do so.

41- Have a compelling sense of purpose– know why you are doing your network marketing business.

42- Have a Successful Attitude 

43- Bumper Stickers– put them on your car and other people’s too, if you can.

44- Have Fun– Your network marketing business and recruiting should be fun.

45- Believe in yourself– you will be much more successful if you believe in yourself.

46- Give away your products– let people try before they buy or join you.

47- Keep an eye out for opportunity. Opportunities are everywhere if you only look for them.

48- Be Consistent

49- Never give up

50- Keep your word, do what you say you will do.


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