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5 Pinterest Tips for Marketers


We’re a highly visual species. More of the human brain is devoted to processing vision than any other sense; people are hard-wired to experience life largely through their eyes. It’s no surprise, then, that Pinterest has become the third largest social network behind only the two behemoths, Facebook and Twitter.


The virtual pinboard gives its users the tools to build visually arresting collections of images and share them easily. If you see something you like on a friend’s board, you can re-pin it to one of your own or give the board a “like.” Images can go viral, spreading from board to board within seconds.

While Pinterest has grown across all demographic lines, its most rapid expansion has been among women. Google’s data shows a 3 to 1 ratio of female visitors to male visitors. Most of these users are between 25 and 44 and have families. The majority of them have some college. Pinterest’s vivid visuals appeal especially strongly to the youngest baby boomers and their adult kids and to working moms who are well-informed consumers looking for the best for their families.

For marketers, Pinterest is a perfect storm of appealing concepts. It’s visually exciting, easy to use and completely free. Maximizing your Pinterest presence has become as important as staying current with other social media, but because the medium is so visual, Pinterest has a few rules of its own for maximizing marketing potential.

Tell a Story

Static images from a product catalog lack impact. Instead, show your product or service in use. Pinboards with a narrative arc draw viewers in and engage them with what they see. Creating a story also makes your board more than strictly business, and that’s important if you want to stay on the site’s good side. While Pinterest is business-friendly, spam isn’t welcome. Add value to the images you pin and the boards you create with cohesive themes and narrative flow.

Be Picky

Pinterest is so easy to use that it’s tempting to pin everything, but that doesn’t serve your business as well as a few thoughtfully chosen images. Consider how a quick, blurry phone snapshot will look next to your professionally photographed catalog images, and you’ll see why it’s important to maintain a uniform standard for the board you’re marketing. You always have the option of starting a new board for the candid shots you want to showcase.

Optimize Search Terms

You already know how important it is to optimize your website for search engine traffic. The same SEO techniques that you use to make your organization easy to find in search engines also apply to Pinterest. Boards and pins both have descriptions, so make the most of them. If you build a great board and have phenomenal luck, you might appear on the main pin feed, but counting on that is tantamount to buying lottery tickets as your retirement plan. Follow a more sound strategy with well-written descriptions on your pins and boards.

That optimization applies to your profile too. The “About” section of your profile shows up on search engines, so make your statement concise and appealing.

Keep Content Fresh

Part of Pinterest’s meteoric rise is its appeal to instant gratification. Users can see, share and shop instantly. The flip side of this rapid exchange of information is that a static pinboard becomes stale quickly. Your boards and your business can only attract new followers if you keep things fresh by updating pins and creating new boards regularly. Be ruthless with your old boards and pins; if they haven’t been drawing much traffic, it’s a sign that it’s time to share something new. Bonus: in your Pinterest profile, you can set your pins to update Facebook and Twitter automatically, so pinning new images also freshens your other social media outlets.

Create a Dialogue

With all the eye candy it offers, Pinterest doesn’t quite resemble other social media sites that put users in the spotlight. The emphasis on designing exciting boards and pins can lead to so much focus on the creative visual aspects of Pinterest that the social dimension gets lost. Don’t forget about the people browsing your boards; welcome re-pinning and follow some boards of your own. You never can tell when something you see will inspire you, and that’s the essence of why Pinterest works.

Bonus Video: A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest


Source: http://salesstrategynews.com/



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