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5 Easy Ways to Effectively Market Your Restaurant Online

by Keira Rose | shared from NCBA.ca |

You might think that online marketing does not apply to your business when you are in the restaurant industry. While you do need to focus some of your time on traditional marketing efforts when you are trying to generate new local business, you cannot overlook digital marketing when you want to expand your reach and build brand recognition. If you already have a unique brand, delicious entrees and appetizers, competitive pricing, excellent servers and a comfortable eating environment, you have everything that you need to market your restaurant and become a local favorite. If you are not sure how to incorporate online marketing strategies in your current initiative, here are some valuable tips that you should consider trying.

Tip #1: Design a Professional Website and Optimize it On and Off Page

The first step to any successful online marketing campaign is having a professional website that is ranks highly on the most popular search engines. Websites that are designed for Search Engine Optimization will drive more local traffic to your website whenever searchers are searching for a specific targeted keyword. While some businesses choose to pay for banner ads, statistics show that more than 70% of links that search users click are organic.

This means that you need to write quality keyword-oriented content, index pages, post images with descriptions, create backlinks offsite, and post valuable content to outside blogs. By having a professionally designed website that is optimized on and off page, search engine users who are looking for a new place to eat in your area are much more likely to stumble across your establishment.

Tip #2: Work With Respected Local Food Bloggers

There are local food bloggers in virtually every town, and some are more popular than others. If you are in the restaurant industry, your goal should be to make your city’s “best” list. You can read the local newspaper find local food critics, or simply search for food bloggers in your city. Once you find bloggers who have a big following, you can contact this blogger and ask them if they would be willing to review your restaurant in exchange for free food. Your restaurant will get a lot of good exposure, just make sure to impress the blogger.

Tip #3: Add your Restaurant to Review Sites and Ask Customers to Submit Reviews

People nowadays rely heavily on online customer reviews. There are a lot of sites dedicated to giving consumers a platform to share their opinion or their recent experience. A bad review could easily lose you a customer, and a good review can persuade someone to give your restaurant a try. As your happy customers to leave you a review on popular sites like Yelp, and these customers can marketing by virtual word-of-mouth.

Tip #4: Social Media Marketing Keeps Them Engaged

The top search engines have algorithms that actually calculate search engine rankings based on social media engagement. If you want to reach loyal customers and their local friends, one effective way to do this is to start by running a social media contest or campaign. Print your profile name on receipts, encourage people to follow you, offer a coupon for following the business, and you will start to engage existing and new customers as well.

Tip #5: Do Not Forget About Mobile Marketing

Did you know that 81% of consumers have searched for a local restaurant on a mobile device?People who own smartphones are very likely to use a mobile app to find a new place to eat at, and you need to make sure you can be found on these apps. Design a mobile-ready website, and get added to those search databases so that you are found.

It is your job as a restaurant owner to find a way to get the community and tourists to taste your food. If you have delicious food and a good setting to eat in, you can easily gain loyal customers and expand. Market your restaurant traditionally and online, and integrate the two for the most success.

Last but not least, make sure your restaurant’s food is always on par or above the competition. The last thing you want is people leaving you tons of negative reviews online. Also, make sure you design an awesome menu that will entice the clients to patronize your establishment. People eat with their eyes first! Work with a professional printing company that specializes in designing restaurant menus, like The Printing House in Canada. TPH has offices all over the country, from Halifax to Vancouver. Lookup their website to find the closest TPH office.

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