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4 Ways To Make Your Negative Reviews Work For You

by Caroline Jones | shared from NCBA |

Don’t let your negative reviews get you down – let them boost you up. Here are four ways that you can make your negative online reviews work for you and actually raise your credibility.

Reach Out to Dissatisfied Customers

Many people see negative reviews as just that – negative. However, negative reviews are great opportunities for you to turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one. Without online reviews, a dissatisfied customer will go home and silently vow to never return to your business again, and you’ll never know they feel that way. With online reviews, you can find out about the problem and make an attempt to resolve it even after the fact, which can change a customer’s opinion.

Whenever you get a negative review, try to contact the poster. If the review is anonymous or there is no way to contact the customer directly, leave a reply post whenever possible encouraging the customer to contact you in order to right the problem. Leave a direct phone number or email address for them to use. When you speak to the poster, do whatever you can to resolve their problem. This can completely change their mind and encourage them to return to your business because of how good your customer service and intentions are.

Improve Your Weakest Areas

Every business has areas that are weaker than others. Negative customer reviews will help you identify the weak areas that are noticed the most from your customers’ eyes. Sometimes an area you think is weak, such as advertising, isn’t as noticed by the public as another area, such as the cleanliness of your bathrooms, which you might not have even considered as big a problem. When you learn about the public’s overall negative impressions, it gives you the chance to improve the areas that will be most noticed and appreciated by your customers immediately.

Cultivate New Ideas and Plans

The complaints from your customers in their online reviews will help you cultivate new ideas and plans that will make your business even better. Perhaps a common complaint will lead to a great idea for a marketing campaign that address the issue in a humorous and endearing way. Maybe another common complaint will give you an idea of how to improve your product or service. The main thing to learn from negative online reviews is how you can improve.

Impress with Customer Service

Every time a negative review is posted, it gives you the opportunity to show off how great your customer service is. As mentioned before, you can contact the dissatisfied poster and try to right things with them. You can also impress other people with your customer service through your public response to the negative review. By addressing the complaint on the review site or social media, you can call attention to how dedicated your business is to providing quality and timely customer service to everyone. Good customer service is extremely important to show.

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Caroline Jones is an expert reviews tracker from Denver.  She enjoys sharing information about online review monitoring tactics via blogging.

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