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3 Ways To De-Stress Your Desk

by Marie Wetmore | shared from MarieWetmore.com

Now sometimes self-care is about making huge sweeping changes, and sometimes it’s about small, day-to-day improvements to your lifestyle (yes, we have a lifestyle at work, too!). And that’s where your desk comes in.

Think of your desk as your home base when you’re on the job. If you’re anything like most professionals, you spend most or even all of your work day at your desk, so if your desk feels like a combat zone, you’re going to feel it!

Now as a life coach, I love simple and elegant solutions, which is why I think it’s so powerful to shift the tone of your desk. It’s an easy stress management technique! Who doesn’t love that?

Here are 3 ways de-stress your desk:

1. Keep it tidy. Look, you know the symptoms of a chaotic desk: disorganized, random piles of papers, file folders, unopened mail, reference books, office supplies, sticky notes, etc., etc., etc.

Does that sound calming? Do you really think you can be at your best, working with a clear head and steady mind when you’re surrounded by chaos? No! Clean that baby up.

Just to emphasize the point, I mean really organize it. Don’t just put a few things away and then go back to life as usual. Clear away a few hours, or even a full day to put everything in its place… And then schedule a half hour a week for maintenance.

2. Add some relaxing (but professional!) accessories. This could be a photo of your kids, a mini Zen rock garden, a stained-glass lamp, or a fresh bouquet of flowers. As long as it helps you stay grounded and relaxed, it works.

But there are a few exceptions! First, this is a professional environment – that means no pictures of you in your bikini drinking margarita, no sparkly pink feathers, and nothing that says “Budweiser” on it. And second, you don’t want to add so much decoration that you bring back the chaos you just worked so hard to tidy up.

3. Have all of your supplies within arms reach. It’s much less stressful to know that you can grab whatever you need without having to walk to the supply closet. So clear out a drawer or create a nearby space for your office supplies!

What do you think? How do you decrease the stress at your desk?

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