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13 Black and White Photos Brought to Life With Color


by Brie Hiramine | shared from Mashable

It’s pretty simple to make a color photo turn black and white. Just reduce the saturation or apply the appropriate filter, and you’ll see the desired results within seconds. Doing the reverse, however, requires a larger arsenal of photo editing skills.

Photo editors use tools like GIMP and Photoshop to colorize, which can be a time-consuming process. But the results are well-worth it, especially when the photos conjure precious family memories.

The subreddit /r/Colorization features Reddit users posting their own attempts at photo colorizations. They even fulfill requests from fellow users.

We’ve highlighted 13 impressive colorizations that add a dash of color to family histories.


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Love A Game on Black & White?

Some people view life as just black and white.  But we choose to see what we want to see.  So maybe life is black OR white.  Needless to say, we are confronted with a choice everyday.  And that exercise of choosing leads us to where we think we would fare better.

So why not try your luck by picking out what you think will be a winning choice?

I have discovered this great new game online.  It’s so simple you just need to choose if black will bring in the luck you need or white will be a bust.  Or vice versa.  The game is called PON.  You just choose between black and white and that’s it!  Your winning choice will bring in gold coins so you can play again and again.  You can also exchange your gold coins to Amazon gift cards.

Just a fare warning, my friend.  PON is addicting!

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