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10 Ways To Increase Website Conversion Rate Using Search Engine Optimization And Other Strategies

Website conversion rate is a critical measurement that shows the visitor desire to complete a specific target. Conversion rate accurately reflects the overall efficiency of your marketing campaign and charts the future steps for further improvement of your online campaign.


Website conversion rates are most frequently used to measure the success of both the website as a whole or an individual advertising campaign. It should be watched daily or weekly to ensure that different campaign activities continue to reach targeted visitors and convince them to take the desired action whether to subscribe or to buy a product or a service. Any significant change in a conversion rate should be carefully studied to take proper actions.
The continuous improvement of website conversion rates are the fastest paths to achieving higher Return On Investment (ROI) from different advertising campaigns. Website conversion rates are one of the most valuable performance indicators that should be tracked on a regular basis.
Many businesses concentrate only on increasing the number of visitors to their website to make more sales. They should, at the same time, spend more time and effort to increase their Website  Conversion Rate.  Improving Website Conversion Rate will have a huge impact on increasing sales and profits.
What Is Website Conversion Rate? 
Website Conversion Rate is the percentage of your visitors who complete the action that you asked them to do on a specific page. Depending upon your target, it can be the percentage of visitors who subscribe to your newsletter or the percentage of visitors who buy your product.
How To Calculate Website Conversion Rate?
A simple formula to calculate Website Conversion Rate is to calculate  the number of visitors who completed the required action as a percentage of the total number of visitors. 
What Is Website Conversion Rate Optimization?
Website Conversion Rate Optimization means improving the percentage of visitors who complete the action that you asked them to do.
Website conversion rate optimization usually starts after finishing all SEO strategies to your site, and after achieving significant traffic that you can now convert.
Website Conversion Rate Optimization can be done for any type of advertisement campaign whether organic or paid(PPC)
What Are The Advantages of Conversion Rate Optimization?
  1. Get More Leads and Sales: A higher conversion rate will bring more traffic leads and more sales from your existing vistors, in other words you get more sales without spending more money. 
  2. Reduce Advertising Budget: – When you increase your conversion rate you will be spending less advertising money for each lead or sale. 
  3. Improve Return On Investment (ROI): Reduced cost and more sales will improve your Return On Investment (ROI).
  4. More Profit: Improving your Return On Investment (ROI) means improving your profits.
10 Ways To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate:
Optimization and Improving conversion rates are possibly the most misunderstood aspects of internet marketing. 
There are many factors which can contribute together to increase your Website Conversion Rate. The following different approaches are a few of them:
  1. Improve your website design to be more search engine friendly and to better communicate your message to your visitors. 
  2. Improve your website usability and accessibility to make navigation and finding information, products or services more easy for your visitors.
  3. Find what are your Unique Selling Points (USP) and make them clear and obvious in your website and your landing pages.
  4. Meticulous keyword research, analysis and selection to find and use the most profitable keywords for your business.
  5. Improve your sales copy to clearly present the benefits of your products or services to be more convincing and compelling to your visitors. Such a Sales copy will encourage and entice your visitors to convert. 
  6. SEO copywriting your main website pages any your landing pages to make them more Search Engine Friendly and more easily found by search engines.
  7. Improving landing pages to accurately match your advertising  campaigns and the keywords used in them.
  8. Ensuring that your landing pages are closely relevant to the content of your website.
  9. Track your campaigns and analyze results to improve performance.
  10. Experiment with different ads, and split test every element and every step of your campaign to fine tune your marketing campaign and improve your results.

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About the Author:
Nashat Mostafa is a Montreal SEO consultant and the founder of SEO 7 Services. During his long career as a SEO consultant, Mostafa has worked with many small and medium sized companies to plan and execute different search engine optimization and internet marketing campaigns to increase website conversion rate and improve return on investment.




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